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The Weekly Howl Tuesday, March 20

"Separating Fact From Fiction—The Role of Docu-Drama" w/ Co-Host @playwrightsteve

What is the current role of the artist? What are the boundaries of artistic license? Are we here to tell the stories how we see them or dictate word by word the lives of others? Is there room for our imaginations to play in this realistic world? Join the HowlRound team with special co-host Steven Spotswood for our Weekly Howl on Twitter! This week we are discussing Mike Daisey's latest blog post about the recent controversy around his one man show, The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Job. This American Life has retracted Daisey's show from their radio show series due to allegations of false information in his piece.

What are your thoughts? Find the full transcript of The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs here and check out the newly added Prologue as well. This Twitter conversation starts on Tuesday, March 20 from 3pm-4pm EDT / 2pm-3pm CDT / 12pm-1pm PDT / 7pm-8pm (GMT/London) / 8pm-9pm (Berlin). Use the hashtag “#newplay” in your tweets to get your voice heard and follow @HowlRound and @playwrightsteve who will be co-moderating the discussion. One hour before the Howl begins, at 2pm EST, we invite you to DJ and hang out with us in the HowlRound turntable room!


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