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A Call for Readers

The New York Times Critic Watch Project Ends Soon!

As we wade through the very compelling data coming at us from the surveys on New York Times Critic Watch, a few things have emerged: 1) We need a few more surveys to get to our optimal number. If you haven't done one, it takes 10 minutes and we need your help. 2) Words people are using to describe positive experiences with reviews:

user-friendly magnetized my attention not strongly biased supportive balanced generous free of cynicism professionally neutral the reviewer seemed to like the play more than he expected to encouraging...

Words that describe the not-so-positive ones:

Sardonic put-down snarky bitchy more interested in being a provocateur seems like showing off with witty criticism dismissive...

Give us your thoughts on reviews by taking our simple survey. Go to NYTCriticWatch.com, read a review, fill out a quick survey. Thank you, HowlRound Community!

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A reader-fueled experiment attempting to chart the NYT's effect on American theatre.

New York Times Critic Watch Project


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