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Kelvin Dinkins, Jr.

Kelvin Dinkins, Jr. is a Creative Producer-Artist-Manager currently completing an MFA in Theatre Management & Producing at Columbia University and has a Bachelor’s degree in English/Theatre from Princeton University. He has made a career in non-profit theatre management and independent producing with an interest in promoting emerging artists, innovative development of arts institutions and, eventually, bringing new experiences to communities that are artistically underserved. Kelvin has worked most recently at the National Corporate Theatre Fund, Intiman Theatre, National Artists Management Company and serves on the Graduate Board of Trustees for the Princeton University Triangle Club.    

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Embracing Collective Action as a Means of Survival

Embracing Collective Action as a Means of Survival

14 October 2013

Kelvin Dinkins Jr. takes a look at value of collaboration in an an underperforming company in an oversaturated market.