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Contribute Content

We're looking for content by and for theatremakers that intersects theatre with...

  • Anti-oppression practices that promote anti-racism, equity, inclusivity, and accessibility for underrepresented and marginalized theatremakers and theatremaking communities
  • The climate emergency
  • Theatre commoning (Resources managed and produced with generosity and abundance, community and collaboration)
  • Ideas that challenge and revolutionize the status quo
  • Lesser-known or marginalized aesthetics, and new forms of making theatre
  • Geographically specific theatre processes and issues that are relatable and informative to others around the world

Ways to Contribute

We are a knowledge commons that's produced by and for you! We're looking for contributors who are deeply invested in and committed to the theatre field. You could be a current student or a seasoned professional, but if you're actively involved in theatre, we'll be thrilled to hear from you.

Write for the Journal

We do not publish personal attacks, promotional material, or material that has been previously published.

Our team of editors work with all writers to edit pieces for style and content.

We pay an honorarium of $200 USD per essay. We believe in paying artists for their time. We also acknowledge that many folks cannot afford to volunteer their perspectives and experience to benefit the overall theatre community, so we fundraise to compensate theatremakers for the time it entails to write this essay contribution to the commons.

Most of the essays we publish are single-authored pieces on a broad topic, but not all.

Contribute an essay

Curate a Series

HowlRound regularly publishes weeklong series on specific topics. Curating a series is a big commitment that usually requires at least three to four months of work. If you are interested in curating a series, we recommend that you write a standalone essay first to understand our editorial process before serving as a curator. We pay curators $300 USD once the series is running, and we pay contributors at the standard rate. Learn more about the requirements and parameters for curators.

contribute a series

Livestream an Event

HowlRound TV's arts, culture, and theatre programming is entirely produced by the global community that it serves. We livestream discussions, panels, and artistic programming that further our stated values and are of interest to theatre professionals. As part of this process, we provide in-depth technical support and training, we help to get the word out about your event in advance through our communications channels, and we video archive the event for on-demand viewing moving forward.

Producing for the HowlRound TV livestreaming project requires the following agreements:

  • I agree that my event is relevant and designed for HowlRound’s audience: theatremakers and cultural workers around the world.

  • Everyone involved agrees that a public video recording of the live broadcast event will be made available permanently on HowlRound’s website and on YouTube. The producer, or copyright holder, agrees to license the resulting video file with a Creative Commons license.

  • I understand and agree that access to watch the live event on HowlRound’s website is completely open and free.

  • I agree that accessibility features such as live captioning, closed captioning, or sign language interpretation will be prioritized.*

*While the majority of our livestreams are produced with organizations who put their own institutional resources toward compensating participants for their time and to provide accessibility features, we do have a limited pool of funds to provide honoraria to support events produced by independent artists who do not have institutional backing, and limited funds to support institutions to provide accessibility features.

Do you have a technical or producing question that isn’t answered in this series of guides on producing livestreams? Contact [email protected] for more information.

contribute a livestream

Produce an Audio Podcast Series

NOTE: Due to our limited bandwidth for podcast series and an existing commitment to multiple shows, we are not accepting submissions for new podcasts at this time. Please check back in the coming months, and keep an eye on our emails and social media for an announcement!

We welcome idea submissions for original audio podcast series to be published on HowlRound. If you have an idea for a theme or topic you want to explore, or people you want to interview, get in touch!

Unlike journal articles, which we edit in-house, we do not have the resources to help with podcast recording or editing. As the producer, you would have full responsibility for the producing the episodes from the technical side, and so previous experience is suggested, but not necessarily a barrier to participate on the howlround platform in this way.

Like with essays, we pay an honorarium of $400 USD for each episode, knowing that many people are not able to volunteer their perspectives and experience to make this contribution to the commons.

Have an Idea?

Want to propose something that isn't on this list? Go ahead—we love new ideas!

contribute something else

Comments Policy

The HowlRound Journal is a place for productive discourse, healthy debate, and shared learning. We love to see comments that add to the conversation, share knowledge and experience, and create connections among our community of commoners in the global theatre field—what we call “positive inquiry.” While we welcome institutional critique, the HowlRound Journal is not a place for personal insults or off-topic conversation, nor a space to adjudicate interpersonal dynamics or relationships. We ask that you show up as yourself in these comments—fake identities/profiles will not be tolerated.

We know some pieces will inspire disagreement, and that’s great! We welcome spirited, thoughtful, and on-topic dialogue—comments that focus on the debate, not the person. We trust our community to abide by these agreements when engaging with each other. All comments on this site are moderated by humans (the HowlRound staff behind the screens) and we will delete comments that we feel conflict with these standards.

If you have concerns or questions about content on HowlRound or if you spot an error, email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.