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Friday Phone Call # 13

Fran Kumin


Portrait of Fran Kumin.

Today, in keeping with our “deep dive” into the Intrinsic Impact Study this week, I talk with Fran Kumin, Director of the Philadelphia Theatre Initiative at the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage. Fran was instrumental in the inclusion of Philadelphia as one of the study cities. We talk about what drew her interest in the study, some surprises in the process of it, what she’s thinking since her first look at the data, and what the uses of this data seem to be at this early stage. It’s a study with enormous ramifications to our work, one that takes time to come to mindfulness around, and Fran and I get into some ways of approaching that challenge. Also listen, here, for the nuanced and inspired way this influential funder of our sector speaks both about our work and her value set in supporting it. She’s one of the heroes in our corner and has been for decades. A real pleasure to spend some time listening to her brain on “New Beans."

Here’s the link to the barnstorming tour for “Counting New Beans." If it’s not coming to a city near you, then watch it live, here on #NEWPLAY TV at newplaytv.info on Thursday, March 22 at 7am-10am PST / 10am-1pm EST / 3pm-6pm GMT / 4pm-7pm CET.


The David Dower Friday Phone Call with Fran Kumin of the Philadelphia Theatre Initiative

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