Friday Phone Call # 49

Robert Orchard, Executive Director of ArtsEmerson



Today I talk with my boss, friend, colleague, and mentor Rob Orchard, executive director and founder of ArtsEmerson: The World on Stage.

Rob has been a contributor to the Boston theatre community since he and Bob Brustein arrived to form American Repertory Theater in 1980. His overview of the Boston theater scene is comprehensive. He has been at the center of many significant moments locally and nationally over his long career. You will hear a bit of that in this call. You'll also hear a bit of the visionary thinking that I am privileged to be in dialogue with every day in my role at ArtsEmerson. I am so pleased to be able to share a bit of that picture with you. It is one that fires me up each morning.


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A series featuring voices from in and around Boston's theatre community.

Boston, Massachusetts

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I'm fairly pleased that Rob provided the link between Boston's theatrical history and all the new initiatives that make me excited about Boston theatre!