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Theatre History Podcast # 12

Music Theory and Musicals with Adam Roberts

How can we better understand musicals through music theory? Adam Roberts talks about how we can grasp nuances of character and theme in classical musicals by exploring the theory behind the music.

Note: Apologies for the lack of a new episode last week! We encountered some technical problems that have since been resolved. Thanks for your patience.

a group of actors on stage
Cast members of West Side Story, 1957. Via the Billy Rose Theatre Collection at the New York Public Library.

Here is a list of the books that Adam discusses in this episode:

  • The Musical as Drama by Scott McMillin
  • Melodies of the Mind by Julie Nagel
  • The Broadway Musical by Joseph P. Swain

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Thoughts from the curator

This podcast aims to introduce listeners to the artists, scholars, and archivists who are working to bring the history of performance to life. We hope that, by listening to this show, you’ll learn about exciting new performances, fascinating books, and valuable repositories of knowledge, all of which will help you better understand theatre’s history.

Theatre History Podcast


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