Theatre History Podcast # 29

Short Day’s Introduction to Monte Cristo Cottage with Anne G. Morgan


Monte Cristo Cottage has gone down in theatrical history as the setting for Eugene O’Neill’s masterpiece, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, as well as his comedy Ah, Wilderness! Once the family’s summer residence—and the closest thing to a real home for peripatetic actor James O’Neill and his wife and sons—it’s now part of the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. This week, we’re joined by Anne G. Morgan, literary manager and dramaturg at the O'Neill. Anne introduces us to the cottage and talks about how a historic site helps us to better understand O’Neill’s life and work.

living room
The interior of Monte Cristo Cottage, summer home for the O'Neills and setting for Long Day's Journey Into Night.


  • Visit the Monte Cristo Cottage’s website to learn more.
  • Learn about the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center at its website.
  • Find out more about Flock Theatre, which is currently mounting a site-specific production of Long Day’s Journey Into Night in Monte Cristo Cottage.

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