Theatre History Podcast #40

Dr. José A. Pérez Díez & Dr. Matthew Steggle Introduce the Oxford Marston


John Marston was a controversial early modern English playwright and poet with a nose for trouble, but he’s relatively obscure in comparison with some of his major contemporaries, such as William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson. Now a team of scholars is preparing The Complete Works of John Marston, which will collect his writings together in a critical edition for the first time. Dr. Matthew Steggle of Sheffield Hallam University and Dr. José A. Pérez Díez of the University of Leeds are two members of that team, and they join the show this week to tell us more about Marston and how they’re working to bring his works back into the spotlight.

Title page for the 1604 edition of John Marston's The Malcontent. Via Folger Shakespeare Library.


  • Visit the project’s website, where you can learn more about Marston and the scholars working on The Complete Works, as well as watch performances of Marston’s plays.

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