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Arts in Rural Communities

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Join us every Thursday at 18:00 GMT / 7pm BST / 2pm EDT / 1pm CDT / 12pm MDT / 11am PDT for the Weekly Howl, an open discussion about theater culture and contemporary performance that happens on Twitter using the hashtag “#newplay.”

This week, @HowlRound will be co-moderating with Scott Walters @walt828 and Noah Siegler @stagenorth.

Get heard in the conversation by searching for “#newplay” in Twitter and by putting “#newplay” somewhere in your messages.

Below are some questions to frame this one-hour discussion on Arts in Rural Communities. Contribute your questions in the comments section here or during the Howl on hashtag #newplay in Twitter.

  • The regional theater movement focused on decentralizing theater and has spread it to many urban areas across the country. Is the next frontier rural and small towns?
  • How might the business model for the arts and the role of the artist need to be changed in order to succeed in a small or rural area?
  • Why might it be important for more community-based, participatory approaches to be more effective in small or rural communities?
  • What opportunities might be available for artists in small and rural communities?

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A series featuring voices from the United States' rural arts communities.

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