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Behind-The-Scenes Rehearsal Video for Will Power's Stagger Lee


Dallas Theater Center presents Stagger Lee
Book and Lyrics by Will Power
Music by Will Power and Justin Ellington
Directed by Patricia McGregor. Choreographed by Camille A. Brown

One of the major projects of Will’s DTC Playwriting residency has been the creation his new musical, Stagger Lee.

Stagger Lee, which features a 21-person cast, spans the 20th century, tracing mythical characters in their quest to achieve the American Dream.  Billy is a dreamer and an optimist.  He moves North with his wife Delilah in search of a better home to raise their young family.  Johnny, Delilah’s brother, and his girl Frankie also dream of a bright future.  Stagger Lee embodies the challenges and struggles these two couples face along the way.  Told with music that spans decades and locations, Stagger Leeexplores deep-seated themes of racism and the raw power of the human spirit.


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