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Livestreamed on this page Friday 27 June to Saturday 28 June 2014 10:30 a.m. EDT.

Miami, FL, United States
Friday 27 June to Saturday 28 June 2014

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2014 CityWrights Conference: A Professional Weekend for Playwrights

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Friday 27 June to Saturday 28 June 2014



City Theatre in Miami, Florida hosted CityWrights 2014—CityWrights: A Professional Weekend for Playwrights livestreamed on the global, commons-based peer-produced HowlRound TV network ahowlround.tv on City Theatre's blog Friday 27 June to Saturday 28 June 2014. 

To participate in the discussion, use Twitter hashtag #howlround or #CityWrights2014 and follow @CityTheatreFL and @HowlRoundTV for updates. Visit City Theatre's Facebook page.

Livestreaming Schedule (subject to change) 

Friday 27 June

Wrighter’s Block: Taste of Naked Angels “Tuesday @ 9” with Joe Danisi (Naked Angels NYC)
10:30 a.m. EDT

Recorded but not livestreamed. Recording will be available next week.

Wrighters Blocks are scheduled each day of CityWrights to put playwrights “in the room” with Masters and Teachers to warm up and experiment with craft, technique, exercises, prompts, and other aspects of script development. These sessions are always lively and surprising and a fun alternative to the usual solitary playwriting experience. Each of the Blocks this year will offer something different.

Joe Danisi, the long-time Creative Director of Tuesdays@9, (PM) for Naked Angels, will create for playwrights during a morning shift of Naked Angels' acclaimed play and screenplay development series.

Connect With Opportunity: NNPN—New Play Exchange Roll Out with Nan Barnett (NNPN), Jojo Ruff (NNPN) & Gwydion Suilebhan (NNPN)
10:15 a.m. PDT/ 12:15 p.m. CDT/ 1:15 p.m. EDT



Nan Barnett, Jojo Ruf, and Gwydion Suilebhan of the National New Play Network present a peek at the New Play Exchange

What is the New Play Exchange? It's the NEXT BIG THING, a serious upgrade for the American Theatre in the 21st Century, a cloud-based script database, enhanced with a robust search-and-filter mechanism, crowd-sourced recommendations of plays, and the connectivity of a social networking site. The NPX lets writers share scripts and helps theatres discover and evaluate them in a more streamlined, targeted way than ever before. It's a neutral platform built for the common good of the entire new play sector—writers, producers, and everyone in between who enjoys new work, with the ambitious goal to revolutionize the playwrights and theatre connect field-wide.

Connect with Community moderated by Mark Routhier (Orlando Shakespeare Festival), with Kate Snodgrass (Boston Theatre Marathon), Joe Danisi (Naked Angels NYC), Jenny McConnell Frederick (Source Theatre) & Andie Arthur (South Florida Theatre League)
12 p.m. PDT/ 2 p.m. CDT/ 3 p.m. EDT



How do theatres/festivals and regional organizations create dynamic communities and programs to promote institutional relationship building within playwright populations?

Moderated by Mark Routhier, Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Director of New Play Development at Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with University of Central Florida, where he is an Assistant Professor in Directing and Acting. He runs OST’s PlayFest!

Q & A with Jon Jory (Tony Award Winning Producer, Director, Playwright), moderated by Christine Dolan (Miami Herald)
4:15 p.m. EDT

Recorded but not livestreamed. Recording will be available next week.

Christine Dolen, the award-winning Theatre Critic for the Miami Herald, will interview acclaimed director and writer Jon Jory about his remarkable career in the theatre.

Connect with Social Media and Technology with Seth Cotterman (DG) & Gwydion Suilebhan (NNPN)
5:15 p.m. EDT

Recorded but not livestreamed. Recording will be available next week.

Dramatists Guild’s Manager of Online Media & Services, Seth Cotterman, and Gwydion Suilebhan of the National New Play Network

“Thanks to social media, the entire paradigm by which playwrights connect with other playwrights, with other theatre artists, and (most importantly) with theatres is undergoing a somewhat radical transformation. The possibilities offered by Twitter and Facebook alone are immense… but only if playwrights embrace and engage with them. This session will re-frame the potential of social media, inspire playwrights to participate in new ways, lay out some of the more radical possibilities, and issue a few dearly-bought warnings about potential pitfalls. Even if you consider yourself an avid user—and certainly if you happen to be a novice—this session is for you.” – The Dramatists Guild


Saturday 28 June

Ten Minute Marketplace with Editors and Publishers—Linda Habjan (Dramatic Publishing), Craig Pospisil (Dramatists Play Service), Morgan Gould (Playscripts), Amy Marsh (Samuel French Publishing), Lawrence Harbison (Smith & Kraus/Applause), moderated by Morgan Jenness
6 a.m. PDT/ 8 a.m. CDT/ 9 a.m. EDT



Moderated by Literary and New Play Development Expert, Morgan Jenness; featuring Linda Habjan of Dramatic Publishing, Craig Pospisil of Dramatists Play Service, Morgan Gould of Playscripts, Amy Marsh of Samuel French Publishing, and Lawrence Harbison of Smith & Kraus/Applause.

Meet and hear what the publishers and editors have to say about the kind of work they are looking for, what playwrights should know about publication, how technology is impacting publishing, and more. There will be additional opportunities to follow up later in the day.

Directing New Work/Director-Playwright Relationship–with Richard Dresser, Hayley Finn (The Playwrights Center) & Jon Jory (Tony Award Winning Producer, Director, Playwright). Moderated by Steve Yockey (NNPN/SS Festival Master)
2:45 p.m. EDT 

Recorded but not livestreamed. Recording will be available next week.

This session describes the challenges, the rewards, and the collaboration experience of preparing new work through process to production;

The Comedy Panel with Summer Shorts Festival Playwrights Dan Castellaneta, Deb Lacusta, Richard Dresser, Steve Yockey (NNPN/SS Festival Master), and Gary Garrison, City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting Finalist and Playwright for City Theatre’s Shorts Gone Wild. Moderated by Bruce Miller (Washington Square Arts & Film)
4:00 p.m. EDT

Recorded but not livestreamed. Recording will be available next week.

Moderated by Bruce Miller featuring Dan Castellaneta, Richard Dresser, Deb Lacusta, Steve Yockey, and Gary Garrison. These Summer Short Shorts Festival Playwrights  and Finalists have been writing and crafting comedy for stage and screens of all media.  For this session they’ve agreed to work without a net, under the astute direction of Bruce Miller.


Radio/Play with Matt & Sheila Cowley from The Studio @ 620 and WMNF Radio Theatre Project (RTP Live!) & Claudia Catania (Playing On Air). Moderated by Seth Cotterman (DG)
2 p.m. PDT/ 4 p.m. CDT/ 5 p.m. EDT



With Matt and Sheila Cowley and the WMNF Radio Theatre Project, Claudia Catania, award-winning producer of “Playing On Air,” and moderated by Seth Cotterman of the Dramatists Guild.

There are more opportunities for playwrights to be heard off the page and onstage. Listen to the experts describe the process of putting plays on air for the ear.

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