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Livestreamed on this page Friday 8 November 2019 at 6 p.m. PST (San Francisco, UTC -8) / 8 p.m. CST (Guatemala City, UTC -6) / 9 p.m. EST (New York, UTC -5).

Austin, Texas, USA
Friday 8 November 2019

Performance of Más Cara by Krysta Gonzales

at the VORTEX in Austin, Texas

Produced With
Friday 8 November 2019

The VORTEX and Teatro Vivo presented a performance of Más Cara by Krysta Gonzales livestreamed from Austin, Texas on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network on Friday 8 November 2019 at 6 p.m. PST (San Francisco, UTC -8) / 8 p.m. CST (Guatemala City, UTC -6) / 9 p.m. EST (New York, UTC -5).

In her new bilingual play, Krysta Gonzales brings together archetypes of Latina womanhood to dance, bicker, share chisme, heal old wounds, and insist that being “too much” is what makes them just perfect. Our tias and madres blend with Coatlicue, Tonantzin (La Virgen of Guadalupe), and La Llorona.

Now based in Los Angeles, VORTEX Company member Krysta Gonzales has been working with The VORTEX since 2010, primarily as an actor and choreographer. Teatro Vivo nurtured the early development of Más Cara during the Austin Latino New Play Festival in 2016, and it was named as one of the Top 10 Unproduced Latinx Plays of 2017 by the 50 Playwrights Project. Over the past year, director Rudy Ramirez has workshopped the play with Avante Theatre Project in preparation for its debut production as the featured show of FuturX Festival 2019.

The cast of Más Cara features: Florinda Bryant, Martinique Duchene-Phillips, Michael Galvan, Olivia Jimenez, Barbara Mojica, Eva McQuade, Lori Navarrete, and Malyssa Quiles.

Production Team: Directed by Rudy Ramirez. Assistant Direction by Teresa Cruz. Choreography by Mario Alberto Ramirez. Scenic Design by Alex Casillas. Lighting Design by Patrick Anthony. Costume Design by Aaron Kubacak. Prop Design by Cortney DeAngelo. Sound Design by Johann Mahler. Stage Management by Tamara L. Farley. Community Outreach by Jesus Valles.

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