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Introducing Deen Rawlins-Harris, Associate Producer!

We’re happy to announce the newest addition to the HowlRound team, Boston local Deen Rawlins-Harris! Deen joins us 17 August 2020 as our associate producer. They will work closely with the creative producer to support the HowlRound Journal, other online projects, and convenings.

Deen Rawlins-Harris

Photo by Lauren Miller.

Deen Rawlins-Harris is a facilitator and theatremaker who develops artistic experiences for Black people desiring intimate portrayals of themselves in art. Deen has worked for art organizations in Boston; Miami; Philadelphia; Washington, DC; London; and New York City. As an LGBTQIA sexual health and wellness youth advocate in Philadelphia, Deen learned how to design "Brave Spaces," where members of an engaged community can feel comfortable learning, sharing, and growing together in a way that is mindful of how a person’s race, sex, gender, ability, immigration status, and lived experiences infoms their willingness to trust their peers. Now, Deen incorporates “Brave Space” design into their theatrical process to build strong work cultures, rehearsal rooms, and audience engagement initiatives. Pulling from their experience as a Boston Public Schools special education teacher, Deen is experienced in modifying and creating accessible theatre programming in collaboration with the communities they enter.

Deen continues to support the work of artists and organizations in Boston. This year, Deen directed Mary M. McCullough's Smoked Oysters for TC Squared in partnership with Greater Egleston High School, a public high school in Boston. With their partner Daniel Park, they've co-facilitated the Collective Liberation and Performance For Folx of Color Workshop at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Currently, Deen is developing Traces/Remain: Contagious Healing, a public artistic intervention that explores the importance of joyful connections and building deep celebratory relationships in public spaces to encourage communal healing. Deen is currently a recipient of the 2020–21 CREATEWELL Award and co-leads Company One's Professional Development for Actors virtual acting class.

Please join us in welcoming Deen to the team!


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