Podcast Interview with Emerson College President Lee Pelton



When I was asked to interview President Lee Pelton for HowlRound's Emerson College week my mind jumped from possible question to possible question. My peers urged me to ask a myriad of questions that ran the gamut of things an Emerson College theater student would possibly want to ask the president of their institution. It became apparent that there were some big, pressing questions that warranted some discussion—questions that look at the arts in educational institutions, the discrepancies of this paring, the future of our debt-ridden students, and the purpose of arts as a whole in society. Here is a phone call with the president and his answers to these questions.

[audio:http://www.howlround.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Interview-with-Emerson-College-President-Lee-Pelton-by-Meghan-Mueller.mp3|titles=Interview with Emerson College President Lee Pelton by Meghan Mueller]

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A series on HowlRound's partner, Emerson College.

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