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The Weekly Howl on Tues, April 17

What can the Center for the Theater Commons do for you?

This week on HowlRound.com we're talking about the move of several of the American Voices New Play Institute's programs and staff from Arena Stage in Washington, DC to the newly formed Center for the Theater Commons at Emerson College in Boston. For this week's Howl on Twitter, we want to hear from you. Based on what you know about the Institute, what problems and challenges in the field do you think we could address in our new phase as the Center for the Theater Commons? In what areas are you or your theater communities struggling? What problems need solving? Let's identify them both big and small. If you are a student or faculty of Emerson, what would you like to see us bring to your community? Let's come up with a list of where we need to innovate in our field, and then let's figure out how to solve it together. Join us on Tuesday, April 17 from 12pm-1pm (San Francisco) / 2pm-3pm (Chicago) / 3pm-4pm (Boston) / 7pm-8pm (GMT) / 8pm-9pm (London – BST) / 9pm-10pm (Berlin – CEST). To participate, put “#newplay” in your Twitter messages to get your voice heard! One hour prior to the Howl, DJ with us in the HowlRound Turntable room. Let's hear you spin some tracks!



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The first thing you can do for me (and my fellow artists) is include MST in your listings. We are not living in a vacuum that you merely fly over on your way from one coast to another (and this includes the coast of Lake Michigan); we are a vibrant, off-beat and culturally diverse area with strong artistic voices and a plethora of emerging playwrights! So, please include MST (Denver) in your time listings and I will sleep easier knowing we in the mountain states have not been neglected.Thanks for you great work and outreach -- Howlround will be one of my new favorite destinations!Yours in Albuquerque, New MexicoFrances