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dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Oracle Reading

This week, HowlRound presents #BLKARTS Presents: Black Womyn Going Dark!, a co-curated series that explores the ancestry and legacy of black womyn in the arts featuring contemporary artists who create in multiple communities across the United States. Co-curators Erin Michelle Washington of Soul Center/ #BLKARTS, ATL and Deanna Downes of Deanna Downes Creative Consulting seek to engage a creative community of Black womyn around questions including: What new/old ways are we creating/exercising to reach new or intended audiences? How are we creating access to the research of ourselves and our ancestry? This series is the beginning of a project that aims to address these issues for, by, and with Black womyn artists. You will hear from artists across multiple disciplines using multimedia, writing, sound scores, visual arts, and other avenues in which we can expand our storytelling. These works and these womyn expand, define, and give framework for our contemporary experience of living in and through art. —Deanna Downes and Erin Michelle Washington

dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Oracle Deck by Sharon Bridgforth (c) 2016. Artwork by Yasmin Hernandez.

In Nigeria folks say, “Shine your eye,” which means look about you and be aware. As we wade deep in this series, I ask that you shine your eye and I will do the same. The water rises quick and we should all be ready to dive in. Come on wit it!

For more information about dat Black Mermaid Man Lady, click here.

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Thoughts from the curator

Erin Washington and Deanna Downes explore the history and legacy of Black women in the performing arts.

#BLKARTS Presents: Black Womyn Going Dark!


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