Livestreaming on this page from Thursday 25 March to Sunday 28 March 2021.

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Thursday 25 March to Sunday 28 March 2021

Livestreaming a Performance: OUT Dance Project Virtual Tour

Connecting rural queers across regions in Oregon through story and dance

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Thursday 25 March to Sunday 28 March 2021

Beyond Boom and Bust presents OUT Dance Project Virtual Tour livestreaming on the global, commons-based, peer-produced HowlRound TV network at from Thursday 25 March to Sunday 28 March 2021.

OUT Dance Project is aimed at connecting rural queers across regions in Oregon through story and dance - and we're going on virtual tour this March, 2021! We have collected stories from rural LGBTQ+ folks from across Oregon about personally significant songs, and we will perform choreographed dances to these songs with our LGBTQ dance ensemble.

Performances are FREE to attend and any proceeds collected will benefit regional LGBTQ+ advocacy groups (see co-hosts below). All performances will be viewed through the HowlRound livestream accessed on this same page (that you are currently viewing), which will go live at the time of the performance. We ask that you RSVP by registering for tickets through our website, so that you can receive updates and let us know you are coming. To find out more and book tickets, visit the OUT Dance Project page on our website.

Join us after each performance on Zoom for a Facilitated Community Dialogue with the OUT Dance Project artists. Zoom link for the Dialogue will be provided during each Livestream performance.

PERFORMANCE DATES: Audiences are not restricted by geography; LGBTQ folk and allies from anywhere can attend.

Click here to support OUT Dance Project.

Thursday 25 March


Set A, co-host Safe Harbors, Wallowa County
6 p.m. PDT (Portland, UTC -7) / 8 p.m. CDT (Chicago, UTC -5) / 9 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4)

Friday 26 March


Set B, co-host Lincoln City Cultural Center & Bravery Center
6 p.m. PDT (Portland, UTC -7) / 8 p.m. CDT (Chicago, UTC -5) / 9 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4)

Saturday 27 March

Set B, co-host Rural Alliance for Diversity, Harney County
1 p.m. PDT (Portland, UTC -7) / 3 p.m. CDT (Chicago, UTC -5) / 4 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4)

Set A, co-hosts NativeWomanShare & LGBTQ Listening Project, Josephine & Jackson Counties
6 p.m. PDT (Portland, UTC -7) / 8 p.m. CDT (Chicago, UTC -5) / 9 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4)

Sunday 28 March

Video archive not available for these performances.

Set A, co-hosts Friends Church & UU Social Justice Committee, Klamath Falls
1 p.m. PDT (Portland, UTC -7) / 3 p.m. CDT (Chicago, UTC -5) / 4 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4)

Set B, co-hosts Prideville & H.O.R.S.E.S on the Ranch, Prineville
6 p.m. PDT (Portland, UTC -7) / 8 p.m. CDT (Chicago, UTC -5) / 9 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4)


We are OUT Dance Project: building resilience by connecting rural queers through story and dance. In these times of great upheaval, transformation, and struggle, we’ve all gotten creative about building community and solidarity across distance. As queer folks living in rural Oregon we know how hard feeling like ‘the only one’ can be--even though we are here. OUT Dance Project is a community-engaged project that lifts up the personal stories of rural LGBTQIA2S+ folks and the songs most deeply connected to them, to combat that sense of isolation, illuminate connections, and build rural queer pride.

The OUT Dance Project will be a series of online performances of dance pieces alongside personal stories by rural queers. We have collected stories from rural LGBTQIA2S+ people across Oregon about how specific songs have carried them through life-defining moments. A selection of these stories will then be shared during the online public performances this March, alongside choreographed dances to the featured songs by a queer dance ensemble. After each performance, we'll host a facilitated talk-back conversation, aimed at building connections between participants, and collectively processing the material of the dances and stories and their implications.

Inspired by the Queer Songbook Orchestra and created by artists Sophie Traub and Eliot Feenstra, OUT Dance Project is based on the belief that change starts with stories, and stories are the foundation of relationships. Hearing stories that reflect your experience is a critical part of addressing the loneliness that often accompanies being rural & queer.

The OUT Dance Project is the third project of Beyond Boom & Bust, an initiative to cultivate economic and social resilience through performance in rural Oregon.

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