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Livestreamed on this page on Friday 21 February 2020 from 10 a.m. PST (Vancouver, UTC -8) / 12 p.m. CST (Chicago, UTC -6) / 1 p.m EST (Toronto, UTC -5) to 4 p.m. PST (Vancouver, UTC -8) / 6 p.m. CST (Chicago, UTC -6) / 7 p.m. EST (Toronto, UTC-5).

Vancouver, British Columbia
Friday 21 February 2020

The Mixed Reality Performance Symposium: UBC

with Toasterlab in Vancouver, British Columbia

Friday 21 February 2020

Toasterlab presented the Mixed Reality Performance Symposium at UBC livestreamed on the commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv on Friday 21 February 2020 from 10 a.m. PST (Vancouver, UTC -8) / 12 p.m. CST (Chicago, UTC -6) / 1 p.m EST (Toronto, UTC -5) to 4 p.m. PST (Vancouver, UTC -8) / 6 p.m. CST (Chicago, UTC -6) / 7 p.m. EST (Toronto, UTC-5).

The Mixed Reality Performance Symposium: UBC is the second of six symposiums hosted by mixed reality producers Toasterlab, and will explore extended and mixed reality performance. Artists and new media creators will share modes of working and recent successes in VR, AR, and immersive theatre. Attendees will gain insight into the production process and hands-on experience with 360VR cameras, VR headsets, geolocation, motion capture and other creation and distribution tools.

Toasterlab+ Introductions
10 a.m. PST (Vancouver, UTC -8) / 12 p.m. CST (Chicago, UTC -6) / 1 p.m EST (Toronto, UTC -5)

Patrick Pennefather
10:40 a.m. PST (Vancouver, UTC -8) / 12:40 p.m. CST (Chicago, UTC -6) / 1:40 p.m EST (Toronto, UTC -5)

Space and Infrastructure
11 a.m. PST (Vancouver, UTC -8) / 1 p.m. CST (Chicago, UTC -6) / 2 p.m EST (Toronto, UTC -5)

  • Patrick Pennefather (UBC/CDM)
  • Patrick Rizzotti (UBC)
  • Bernhard Riecke (SFU/SIAT)
  • Taien Ng-Chan
  • Moderated by Ian Garrett (York)

Creator / Technologist Relationship
1 p.m. PST (Vancouver, UTC -8) / 3 p.m. CST (Chicago, UTC -6) / 4 p.m EST (Toronto, UTC -5)
An informal conversation and Q&A with the audience about work, the process of making work, and blended art and tech. We are hoping for an honest conversation about the successes and struggles that artists have with realizing their vision when we are (sometimes) dependent on areas, people, technologies, etc. that are beyond our knowledge base.

  • Julie-ann Saroyan
  • Kendra Falconi
  • Hector Ramirez
  • Moderated by Ian Garrett

Research-Creation Process
1:45 p.m. PST (Vancouver, UTC -8) / 3:45 p.m. CST (Chicago, UTC -6) / 4:45 p.m EST (Toronto, UTC -5)
Discussion for this panel will focus on the creation of knowledge in and through creative material and performative practice. Here we will explore what it means to use the process and artifacts created with the use of emerging technologies as research in a broader context.

  • Taien Ng-Chan
  • Claudia Krebs, M.D.
  • Conrad Sky
  • Moderated by Justine Garrett

Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, Toasterlab’s Mixed Reality Performance Atelier is a two-year deep dive into the current mixed reality methods used by theatre and performance makers across Canada and the U.S. Every four months, an Atelier cohort will present progress on their projects at a symposium hosted by Toasterlab in partnership with a university and the Atelier's advisory board. When the Atelier concludes in June 2021, Toasterlab will share open source tools, guidelines, and instructional material for the creation of immersive media in an arts context.

Toasterlab creates place-based extended reality experiences that promote deeper engagement with history, community, and imagination. Toasterlab combines expertise in storytelling, theatrical and media production, and the development of new technology to produce both original work and partnerships. Our work ranges from live site-specific live performance to bespoke mobile applications and VR films, and often combines a variety of approaches to collapse time and space for the delivery of impactful narratives. From the largest festivals to community youth workshops, we build accessible ways to understand places in whole new ways.

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