Theatre History Podcast # 30

Dr. Esther Fernandez Introduces us to the Siglo de Oro Festival at Chamizal


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Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, the Mexican nun who was one of the first female playwrights in North America and who is the subject of Helen Edmundson's The Heresy of Love, one of the plays featured at this year's Siglo de Oro Festival at Chamizal National Memorial. Photo via the National Park Service.

For over forty years, artists and scholars have gathered at Chamizal National Memorial to perform, study, and celebrate works from the Siglo de Oro, the Spanish golden age that brought us the work of Calderon, Lope de Vega, and Cervantes, among many others. Dr. Esther Fernandez of Rice University joins us to talk about the festival, as well as Siglo de Oro’s place in American theatre.




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This podcast aims to introduce listeners to the artists, scholars, and archivists who are working to bring the history of performance to life. We hope that, by listening to this show, you’ll learn about exciting new performances, fascinating books, and valuable repositories of knowledge, all of which will help you better understand theatre’s history.

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