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Livestreamed on this page Thursday 12 November to Saturday 14 November 21:00 EET (Cluj, Romania) / 20:00 CET (Paris) / 19:00 GMT (London) / 2 p.m. EST (New York) / 11 a.m. PST (Los Angeles).

Cluj, Romania
Thursday 12 November - Saturday 14 November 2015

Performances in the Temps d’Images Festival / Independent Performing Arts Platform

Thursday 12 November - Saturday 14 November 2015

Temps d’Images Festival / Independent Performing Arts Platform in Cluj, Romania presented She’s a Good Boy by Compania 28, Cunthate [ură] by BÉZNĂ Theatre, and Domestic Products livestreamed on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv Thursday 12 November to Saturday 14 November. 

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Livestream Schedule:

She’s a Good Boy by Compania 28

Thursday 12 November at 21:00 EET (Cluj, Romania) / 20:00 CET (Paris) / 19:00 GMT (London) / 2 p.m. EST (New York) / 11 a.m. PST (Los Angeles).



Ever since childhood, HE thinks of himself as more of a girl than a boy. HE called himself SHE and wore dresses. SHE grew up with this dilemma. At 30, the confusion persists. SHE lives in a village in Maramureș, HE sings traditional music at weddings and in bars. Nothing unusual, except for the fact that in HER ID there is a man’s name. SHE seems to be completely accepted by the community. Even more, the villagers are happy that Romania has finally become part of EU, this way, perhaps, SHE could also get married.

Concept and directing: Eugen Jebeleanu
With: Florin Caracala
Text: Eugen Jebeleanu (free adaptation of the documentary Rodica is a good boy, by Marian Ilea and Gheorghe Dinu)
Music: Alex Halka
Set design: Velica Panduru
Producer: ColectivA Cluj, Uma Ed Bucharest, Temps d'Images Festival Cluj, Erste Foundation, Căminul Cultural
Duration: 75 minutes

The Romanian-French Compania 28 was born on June 28, 2010. Since it was founded, it produced 9 performances: four in France (Sacha, Guillaume et moi—2010, Canin Felin in 2011-2012, Isadora-theatrical exhibition in 2011-2013, the day after tomorrow.the day before yesterday—2011) and five in Romania (Small Romanian fictions—2012, coproduction: LUNI Theatre from Green Hours & Compagnie 28, dontcrybaby—2012, coproduction: LUNI Theatre from Green Hours & Compagnie 28, ALB (white dress code)—2013, RETOX—coproduction with Unteatru Bucharest, and HOTEL—coproduction Compagnie 28, Unteatru Theatre, and ColectivA Cluj). For more than five years, Compagnie 28 brings to the stage stories about political and social subjects, in order to give a voice to anonymous individuals, to non-heroes who don’t belong to the majority and don’t adhere to “the dominant culture.” The theatre they propose is open to minority voices, to the marginals, to rebellions against those systems that censor initiatives that assert the freedom of expression.



Cunthate [ură] by BÉZNĂ Theatre
Friday 13 November at 19:00 EET (Cluj, Romania) / 18:00 CET (Paris) / 17:00 GMT (London) / 12 p.m. EST (New York) / 9 a.m. PST (Los Angeles)


Cunthate [ură] stands against the anti-woman propaganda behind the profitable gonzo pornography, which pushes the bodily limits of females through violent sex acts. By comparing the violent pornographic acts to approved torture and popular culture, Cunthate [ură] warns of the influence of pornographic violence on our media and of its impact on interpersonal relationships in our society. The rapes represented in the performance have happened in the past on a vast scale.

Director: Nico Vaccari
With: Florina Gleznea, Katia Pascariu, Oana Pușcatu
Text: Nico Vaccari, Sînziana Koenig, Florina Gleznea, Katia Pascariu, Oana Pușcatu
Translation: Cătălin Bucioveanu
Choreography: Carmen Coţofană
Set design: Steliana Ștefănescu
Artistic co-director: Sînziana Koenig
Public relations and partnerships: Anda Petrache
Producer: BÉZNĂ Theatre / Colectiv A
Partners: Căminul Cultural / Erste Foundation / Replika Center of Educational Theatre
Duration: 75 minutes

BÉZNĂ Theatre is an Anglo-Romanian theatre collective driven by theatre directors and playwrights Sînziana Koenig and Nico Vaccari, formed in London in 2013. Nico and Sînziana, together with a number of international collaborators, are devoted to creating viscerally and emotionally engaging theatre with the principal purpose of challenging inequality and provoking a socio-political dialogue with its audience regarding vital contemporary issues in the time of deregulated capitalism. BÉZNĂ currently works between Romania and the United Kingdom doing social activism through art within theatres and schools.

Nico Vaccari is a theatre director, playwright, and social activist who trained as a theatre director at the theatre conservatory Drama Centre London. He moved to Romania in 2014 after his previous project Crime gained wide critical acclaim in London, Suceava and Bucharest, Romania.




Domestic Products
Saturday 14 November at 21:30 EET (Cluj, Romania) / 20:30 CET (Paris) / 19:30 GMT (London) / 2:30 p.m. EST (New York) / 11:30 a.m. PST (Los Angeles).

In a country well-known for its export of domestic labour, hiring exotic in-house helpers is becoming a status symbol. Like many other Filipinos, Joy comes to Romania in order to support her family. The intermediating agency places her as a nanny for the two children of an affluent family. All goes well, until one day the father of the family comes on to her. When Joy complains to the wife, instead of confronting her husband, she comes up with an intriguing proposal. Soon, Joy finds herself trapped in a domestic cage. What started out as a favour to her employers is from now on demanded of her. Gradually, Joy becomes their domestic slave. This story is inspired by a real case. The real-life Joy lives in Bucharest, Romania. 

Like her, hundreds of Filipinos in Romania struggle with a system which fails to acknowledge domestic work. Although Domestic Products is based on the experience of migrant women, it tells the story of all women and speaks about the real price of domestic and reproductive labour. Domestic Products speaks against the sexualization of domestic work.

Concept, directed by: Ioana Păun
Written by: Xandra Popescu
With: Ioana Flora, Smaranda Nicolau
Investigation: Laura Ștefănuț
Movement: Carmen Coţofană
Music: Cătălin Rulea, Diana Miron
Producer: Ioana Păun, co-producţie WASP
Website: www.creativelaboratories.ro/produsedomestice/

Ioana Păun (b. 1984) is a theatre director. She works on subjects related to the behaviors of turbo-capitalism. All Workers Go To Heaven (Theatre Royal Stratford East, Londra 2012), Economia Disperării (The Mexican Museum in Chicago 2013), and Indicele de Indignare (Letca Nouă and MNAC 2013) confront contemporary dystopias and imagine possible situations in which the participants end up co-existing for a limited period. Since 2012, Ioana has been working on a visibility platform for the “affection industry,” together with artists, journalists, nannies, and housekeepers. Recently, Ioana joined an international collective of artists and programmers that develop ways of hijacking cultural production systems, shifting focus away from the creator onto users and subjects. Presently, Ioana is undertaking her PhD and researches the possibilities of art democratization and the extension of participative forms into reality.

Xandra Popescu works as an artist, writer, and filmmaker. She studied Dramatic Writing at the National Theatre and Film University in Bucharest and has a a background in Political Science. Her work looks at personal issues from a political and poetical point of view. She has co-written three films together with Ștefan Constantinescu: Family Dinner and Six Big Fish as well as several other scripts and plays. At the end of 2012 she shot her first documentary film Pink Saloon. She sometimes works under the name Soyons Impossible together with artist and performer Larisa Crunțeanu. Together, they power Atelier35—a project space in Bucharest, committed to expanding the boundaries of contemporary art. Currently, Xandra lives and works in Berlin and Bucharest.

Laura Ștefănuț is a freelance journalist who worked for România liberă newspaper and Digi 24 TV station. She is presently collaborating with DoR magazine, Casa Jurnalistului, and the German media. She was the first journalist to write about the abuses of Filipino domestic workers in Romania. In 2013 she documented the issue in the US, with the help of a DoS grant.

Cătălin Rulea (n. 1979) is an artist and musician based in Bucharest. He is a founding member of the band Pixels and frontman of the band Toulouse Lautrec. As an artist he has had several exhibitions, the most notable being those in Kunsthalle (Vienna), Werkleiz Society (Halle), Cooper Gallery (Dundee), Fotogalerie (Vienna), Bucharest Biennial, Rex Cultural Centrum (Belgrade). He is a founding member of the Center for Visual Introspection and has worked with Alina Șerban, Arnold Estefan, and Anca Benera as part of the PLUS4 Association.

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