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Livestreaming on this page Friday 12 January 2024 at 5 a.m. HST (Honolulu, UTC -10) / 6 a.m. AKST (Juneau, UTC -9) / 7 a.m. PST (San Francisco, UTC -8) / 9 a.m. CST (Chicago, UTC -6) / 10 a.m. EST (New York, UTC -5) / 15:00 GMT (London, UTC +0) / 16:00 CET (Berlin, UTC +1).

New York City
Friday 12 January 2024

Under The Radar Symposium Keynote Event

Visioning Emergent Paths for a Stronger Sector of National and International Performing Arts

Friday 12 January 2024
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The Under the Radar Symposium Keynote Event was hosted by Edgar Miramontes and features keynotes from Taylor Mac (theatre artist), Inge Ceustermans (CEO, Festival Academy Atelier), Jeremy O. Harris (playwright), Ravi Jain (Artistic Director, Why Not Theatre), Kaneza Schaal (director and performer), and Hana S. Sharif (Artistic Director, Arena Stage) and a performance by Sunny Jain and Love Force (Julia Chen, Almog Sharvit, Alison Shearer, David Adewumi and Armando Vergara).

Conceived of and produced by Mark Russell and ArKtype in partnership with the International Presenting Commons (IPC), Creative and Independent Producer Alliance (CIPA), and HowlRound Theatre Commons, the 2024 Under the Radar Symposium will convened 250 arts presenters, producers, service orgs, funders, and artists toward rigorous, facilitated small-table discussions, taking a deeper dive into visioning emergent paths for a stronger sector of national and international performing arts.

Under the Radar (RADAR) is a festival celebrating new theatre and performance works from both around the world and down the street. Taking place in New York City from 5-21 January 2024. Produced and programmed by thirteen different venues in collaboration with RADAR.

Under the Radar 2024 addresses a city, a country, and the world with the voices of innovative multidisciplinary artists speaking to their time. The festival stands for transparency, equity, and equal collaboration in the development of new live works. It represents global citizenship, innovation, and a platform for those whose voices have yet to be heard.

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This series combines content from and about the 2024 Under the Radar Symposium, produced by the Under the Radar Festival and ArkType in partnership with the International Producing Commons (IPC), Creative and Independent Producer Alliance (CIPA), and HowlRound Theatre Commons. 

Under the Radar Symposium 2024

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