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Meet HowlRound’s New Advisory Council

As a peer-produced knowledge commons, HowlRound relies on the participation of theatremakers from around the world to make it what it is. Our community drives the conversation and is the foundation of our work. We are deeply committed to learning from each other and incorporating new ideas into our shared understandings.

On that note, we are thrilled to announce the formation of our new advisory council, comprised of sixteen theatremakers and thought partners from the United States and abroad who have influenced our work to date. The advisory council will offer peer governance and will serve as strategic advisors and community ambassadors for HowlRound. We are excited to collaborate with these individuals who offer expertise and knowledge, diverse perspectives, and thought partnership around theatre and commoning.

We are thrilled to announce the formation of our new advisory council, comprised of sixteen theatremakers and thought partners.

As we grow our vision for the future, we will be looking to our advisory council to ensure we continue to amplify progressive and disruptive ideas that advance our vision of a theatre field where resources and power are shared equitably in all directions, contributing to a more just and sustainable world.

a collage of sixteen headshots with a yellow sepia tone

Our new advisory council members

Our advisory council members include:

  • Claudia Alick, executive producer of Calling Up (Oakland, California, United States)
  • Zenkő Bogdán, producer, curator; co-founder of Universal Pleasure Factory; PhD candidate at Babes-Bolyai University’s Faculty of Theatre and Film (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
  • Lizzy Cooper Davis, assistant professor at Emerson College (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)
  • Matthew Glassman, co–artistic director of Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, Massachusetts, United States)
  • Derek Goldman, co-director of the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, Georgetown University (Washington, DC, United States)
  • Jonathan McCrory, artistic director of National Black Theatre (New York, New York, United States)
  • Porsche McGovern, designer (Greenwich, Connecticut, United States)
  • Bonnie Metzgar, playwright, director, dramaturg, producer (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
  • Ralph Peña, artistic director of Ma-Yi Theater Company (New York, New York, United States)
  • Diane Ragsdale, director and co-lead faculty at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity; assistant professor at the New School (Utrecht, the Netherlands)
  • Vera Starbard, playwright-in-residence at Perseverance Theatre (Anchorage, Alaska, United States)
  • Clyde Valentín, director of Ignite/Arts Dallas, Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas, United States)
  • Abigail Vega, producer, director (San Antonio, Texas, United States)
  • Regina Victor, multidisciplinary artist; founder of Rescripted (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
  • Alexandria Wailes, theatremaker, performer (New York, New York, United States)
  • Adrienne Wong, artistic director of SpiderWebShow Performance (Banff, Alberta, Canada)

We are grateful for this group’s dedication and service to the field and HowlRound.

a zoom call screenshot of 21 participants

Members of the Advisory Council and HowlRound staff toast at the end of the inaugural meeting over Zoom.

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